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Vision AI

From Data to Decisions

At QSenS, we believe that the future of warehouse management lies in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and human expertise. Our revolutionary Vision AI solution is the cornerstone of this belief. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence with real-world logistics, we’ve unlocked a new era of precision, speed, and reliability.

From streamlining inventory management to enhancing order fulfilment, our system offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency across your entire warehouse operations. Whether you’re dealing with massive distribution centres or compact storage facilities, QSenS Vision AI adapts, learns, and evolves alongside your business needs.

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Entry gate

Automated Vehicle Number Plate Reading (ANPR) 


Vision AI seamlessly verifies incoming and outgoing vehicles by capturing and analyzing license plate and RFID data.


This automated process ensures swift and accurate identification, reducing wait times at entry points and enhances overall gate efficiency.

Monitoring Dwell Times


By tracking the duration vehicles spend at the entry gate, Vision AI provides valuable insights into gate utilization. This information allows for optimized scheduling of arrivals and departures, minimizing congestion and improving throughput.

Dock Management

Vehicle Arrival Time Logging 


Vision AI logs the arrival time of vehicles at the loading/unloading dock, providing accurate timestamps for each transaction. This data enables precise scheduling and coordination of inbound and outbound logistics, optimizing resource allocation and workflow management.

Tracking Loading/Unloading Activity


 Vision AI monitors the time taken for loading/unloading activities to commence and tracks the actual duration and workforce required to complete these tasks. By analyzing these metrics, warehouse managers can identify inefficiencies, implement process improvements, and ensure the timely fulfilment of orders.


Personnel and Equipment Tracking


QSenS’s Vision AI tracks the movement of personnel and equipment within the warehouse in real-time. This granular visibility allows for efficient resource allocation, minimizes equipment downtime, and enhances overall operational productivity.

Forklift Tracking and Analysis


By analyzing forklift movements and usage patterns, Vision AI provides valuable insights into operational efficiency and safety. Managers can optimize forklift routes, identify training needs, and ensure compliance with safety protocols, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and maximizing productivity.

Safety and PPE Kit Detection


QSenS Vision AI excels in ensuring workplace safety by detecting the usage of essential safety gear. Leveraging advanced image processing and recognition algorithms, Vision AI accurately identifies the presence or absence of safety equipment such as hard hats, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, masks, and visibility safety vests among personnel. By monitoring adherence to safety protocols in real-time, Vision AI enables proactive intervention in instances of non-compliance, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting a culture of safety within the workplace. This also translates to significantly lower insurance premiums.

Footfall Patterns Mapping


QSenS captures and analyzes footfall patterns within the warehouse, offering valuable insights into hotspots. This information enables optimized layout planning, aisle management, and inventory positioning, ultimately enhancing warehouse productivity and space utilization.


Unauthorized Entry Detection 


QSenS’s Vision AI continuously monitors entry points, perimeters, and detects any attempts at unauthorized access. By promptly alerting security personnel to potential security breaches, Vision AI helps maintain the integrity and security of the warehouse environment.

Intruder Identification


In the event of an intrusion, Vision AI accurately identifies intruders and provides real-time alerts.

Suspicious Activity Detection


QSens AI employs advanced algorithms to detect and analyze suspicious activities within the warehouse premises. By generating real-time alerts to security staff and management, Vision AI enables proactive measures to be taken to prevent security incidents and ensure a safe working environment.

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The integration of AI in warehousing, especially through systems like QSenS ERP, is not a distant future—it’s a present reality. As warehouses adopt these technologies, they will continue to see improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. The AI revolution in warehousing is here, and it’s redefining what it means to be competitive in the industry.

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