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Manpower Management

Optimize your workforce and stay ahead in the industry with our cutting-edge Manpower Management System. Harness the power of advanced facial recognition technology to boost compliance and safety, making effective manpower management not just an option but a critical necessity for your business success.

Proxy Attendance Mitigation

Say goodbye to buddy punching and time theft. Our system accurately verifies employee presence using facial recognition, ensuring that every check-in is genuine.

Workforce Monitoring

Keep an accurate count of the personnel on duty and also track their whereabouts on site. This gives the management a clearer picture of daily operations and makes adhering to safety compliances simple.

Face Recognition Technology

At the heart of our Manpower Management system is a sophisticated face recognition algorithm that not only tracks attendance but also enhances security protocols.

Seamless Check-In

Our Manpower Management system is not about surveillance; it’s about empowering your workforce to be more accountable and your management to be more informed. It’s about creating a safer, more efficient workplace where compliance is the norm, not the exception.
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