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Security Surveillance


Elevate your organization’s security with Qsentinel, the cutting-edge solution that harnesses the power of machine vision technology. Designed to detect human presence, secure sensitive zones, and dispatch real-time alerts, Qsentinel offers an intelligent, vigilant, and responsive defence system. Stay ahead of threats and protect your critical assets with Qsentinel’s dynamic and vigilant surveillance capabilities.

Perimeter Watch

Qsentinel’s vigilant eyes never blink. Our continuous monitoring ensures that your boundaries are always secure, day and night.

Intrusion Detection

  • With cutting-edge detection capabilities, Qsentinel alerts you in real time that an intrusion attempt is made, enabling swift and decisive action.

Human and Vehicle Detection

Our system is fine-tuned to detect both human and vehicular movements, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your premises.

Security Log

Every event is meticulously logged, creating a tamper-proof record for auditing and compliance purposes. It also makes planning preventive measures easier.

Corrective Measure Analysis

Qsentinel doesn’t just detect; it learns. Our analytics dive deep into incident patterns and analyse the effectiveness of preventive measures implemented.

24/7 Vigilance

Qsentinel is more than a security system; it’s peace of mind in a digital age. So you can be assured that your assets are protected by the best-in-class technology.
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