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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Docking Operations In Warehouses

The docking area in any warehouse is premium real estate and your WMS needs to ensure there is seamless loading and unloading operations so that minimum time wastage occurs. Additionally, drivers waiting for hours together, lead to fatigue and anxiety, with increase in labor time costs.


Different vehicles carry varied types of cargo, for example – perishable goods, fragile goods, hazardous material, general goods and so on. Using object detection can help identify critical data points that can accelerate operations and increase the overall TAT (Turn Around Time) of your warehouse.


Computer vision enabled solutions provide a variety of benefits including:


1.        Automated Docking Bay Allocation: Using object detection, the system can easily identify the number plate of the transport vehicle, and auto allocate the appropriate docking bay for loading/unloading.


2.        Reduce Dwell times: Review dwell times to discover bottlenecks and optimize productivity. Dwell times can have a high impact on profitability. Longer dwell times may also mean a warehouse has to store goods for longer, increasing inventory carrying costs. Sensor based monitoring can send auto alerts to the management when the dwell times increase, helping take immediate corrective action.

3.        Manpower allocation: Using computer vision technologies, the system can identify the number of persons attending to every truck and also track whether they are working together to complete the task. This way, the management can monitor if the required number of persons are attending the truck or not.


4.        Loading and unloading activity time: Record and monitor the time taken to carry out the loading and unloading activity through sensors installed on every docking bay and conduct analytics over a period of time to understand trends and take corrective measures.



Companies that don’t have access to this data are already falling behind. As automation expands, the gap between which companies are innovating and which are stagnating will only get wider.


QSenS is a highly advanced AI powered ERP platform using real-time computer vision, data analytics and sensor networks to streamline your docking operations. Designed for warehousing and logistics companies, QSenS enables data driven decisions for a futuristic, more advanced management of your warehouse.

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