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Safety Audit Compliance

At the forefront of protecting your team, QSenS ensures the highest operational standards are consistently met. Our advanced Safety Audit and Compliance Module is meticulously designed to vigilantly monitor and enforce workplace safety regulations, safeguarding your workforce with utmost priority.

Overview With Vision AI

 Using advanced machine vision technology, our system diligently scans your workplace to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Real-Time Monitoring

It continuously observes if employees are wearing the mandatory protective gear, e.g. Hard Hats, High Visibility Vests, etc. making sure that they adhere to the safety protocols.

Hazardous Area Marking

The system enables you to mark certain areas of the workplace as hazardous or dangerous for worker activity, thus triggering alerts when an intrusion is detected.

Safety Log

Any deviations from established safety rules and norms are meticulously logged, providing management with actionable insights to be able to address malpractices promptly.

Your Vigilant Guardian

QSenS Safety Audit and Compliance Module is your trusted partner in maintaining a secure and compliant workplace. With its advanced Vision AI, real-time monitoring, and precise safety logging, it’s not just an eye in the sky—it’s a comprehensive shield that safeguards every step of your operations, ensuring that safety is not just a priority, but a steadfast practice.
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